As it has been well documented over the years, work is good for people.

Fit, healthy and happy staff are the key to a successful businesses. Our aim is to use our specialist Occupational Health skills to assist you in sustaining the health of staff in your organisation.

Amanda BateyOur team of Occupational Health Advisors and Doctors, offer a service that is tailored to suit your business needs. Our clients include small businesses, Universities, manufacturing companies and very large Public Service bodies. Some customers use our services all year round while others request assistance on an intermittent basis – maybe for assistance in sickness absence management.

The company was established in April 2009 by Amanda Batey RN BSc (Hons) OH, (Managing Director).

We bring a wealth of experience of different industries and businesses and work together with you to ensure you get the best possible service which suits your specific need

What is Occupational Health?
The basic principles of occupational health practice are to promote health at work and to protect the health of the worker. It involves a two-way relationship between work and health. It is as much related to the effects of the working environment on the health of the worker as to the influence of the workers’ state of health on their ability to perform the tasks for which they are employed to do.

A.B Health aims to support the organisation in managing their legal responsibilities in relation to employee Health and welfare in conjunction with the Health and safety at work Act.

Occupational Health aims to prevent ill health from wherever it arises in the workplace. 


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