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Occupational audiometry is a screening technique used to detect early damage to hearing from exposure to noise. Identifying any damage early allows for remedial action in the workplace and if necessary a medical referral.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (Noise Regulations 2005) require employers to prevent or reduce risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work. Employees have duties under the Regulations too. The Regulations require an employer to carry out health surveillance where there is a risk to health. (Daily or weekly exposure of 85dB).

Monitoring audiometry is only of value if it is carried out under appropriate conditions and to high technical standards. This is why A.B.Health Ltd only test in areas where acceptable environmental noise levels can be achieved. These levels are usually only met in industry by using a sound-attenuating booth. All testing is done in conjunction with guidelines (EN 26189 criteria in test rooms). If you have a booth and audiometer and require the services of a skilled technician, A.B.Health will be able to run and monitor a audiometric health surveillance programme for you.

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