Compliance, Consultancy & Interim Support


All companies have a legal obligation to their employees to comply with health and safety legislation and embrace best practice guidelines in the provision of a safe working environment. As an employer, you have a duty to ensure occupational health surveillance of employees who are, or could be, exposed to certain hazards in their work.

A.B. Health Ltd can assist you in ensuring compliance and best practice to maximise the productivity of your company and minimise your exposure to potential legal action and insurance claims. A robust surveillance system may also help you keep insurance premiums down.

Consultancy/Interim Support Services

In addition to working on client sites, providing a comprehensive Occupational Health service, We are also able to offer consultancy or interim support services to OH departments.

We are experienced practitioners, used to working in a wide range of settings with a positive attitude towards the health and well-being of employees.

We are experienced in organising and delivering a comprehensive OH support service. We are committed and enthusiastic and will work as part of your established team, contributing and providing guidance to the on-going development, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of your existing client services.

“Amanda’s advice and recommendations always prompt swift and effective action, both for the employee (as part of our Employee Assistance Programme) and for management, in terms of dealing with significant health issues at work.”

(Manufacturing company)

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