DSE Workstation Assessments Manchester


DSE Workstation Assessments
Our Advisers can attend your site and complete a full risk assessment on those members of staff that you have identified as users or operators under the DSE regulations.

Using a fully qualified practitioner is useful for those people who are already complaining about a health problem related to using a computer (whether it is a back ache, upper limb problems, RSI, etc…) because they are able to explore the medical side of any issues and therefore can offer a fully considered answer with appropriate medical advice.

An assessment would include:

  • One to one evaluation of each workstation.
  • Detailed questioning of the user.
  • Posture and interface with DSE.
  • General ergonomic setup.
  • Exploration of general well being & medical issues including existing MSD, RSI or eyesight problems.
  • Any other relevant issue.
  • Comprehensive review of Chair, Screen, Lighting, Mouse, Keyboard, Desk and Environment.
  • Basic DSE user advice and training i.e. chair, posture etc.
  • Issue a summary report and recommendations to Management.
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"Amanda has provided services to our organisation since 2007. She is a highly experienced and competent practitioner who is focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for our customers and clients. In relation to this, Amanda works at a senior level within the team and deals with the majority of our highly complex sickness absence cases." "
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