Employment Services

Pre-Employment assessment

We support companies to make Pre Employment health assessment a routine part of the employment process. This ensures any new employees with established health issues are adequately supported, and appropriate advice is provided to you in line with Disability Discrimination Law. As part of this service, we provide:

  • A fitness certificate to confirm fitness for the appointed job role.
  • Information regarding the medical condition (when consent is provided) and advice regarding appropriate adjustments or restrictions required in order to support an individual in their role.
  • Advice provided pertaining to the Disability Provision of the Equality Act.

Sickness Absence/Fitness for work – Management referrals 

It is recognised that early assessment, diagnosis and medical intervention aids early return-to-work. UK businesses lose more than £16.8 billion each year through employee sickness (source CBI 2010). With a national average of circa 6.4 days lost per employee, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (source CIPD’s 2009 Absence Management survey) estimate that direct sickness absence costs £595 per employee per year.

Organisations need effective people management policies to promote engagement and attendance and therefore keep sickness absence at an appropriate and manageable level.

In our experience, Management Referrals are very effective tools for managing sickness absence in any organisation.

A.B. Health Ltd is experienced in all aspects of:

  • Provision of advice regarding employee safe return to work and rehabilitation.
  • Guidance regarding return-to-work programmes.
  • Assessing employees’ health status in conjunction with their capability to perform their job.
  • Offering advice to the employees to help them to help themselves.

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