Pre Emploment Asessments Services

Pre-Employment assessment
We can support companies to make Pre Employment screening a routine part of the employment process to ensure new employees with established health issues are adequately supported on their commencement in line with Disability Discrimination Law and to ensure they are fit to fulfil the requirements of the role.

The benefits include:

  • Production of a fitness certificate to ensure medical fitness
  • Full medical confidentiality
  • Advice provided pertaining to the DDA.

A.B. Health Ltd offers an on-site service if appropriate accommodation can be offered or a popular and cost effective remote paper-screening service whereby new employees simply complete a pre-employment paper questionnaire and send it directly to us.

The questionnaire is assessed, any follow-up any issues arising will be notified and the record will be filed / stored.

You will then be sent a completed “Fitness to Work” report with any specific recommendations. This will be posted back to you within a day;

Please feel free to give us a call and speak direct
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"Amanda's advice and recommendations always prompt swift and effective action, both for the employee (as part of our Employee Assistance Programme) and for management, in terms of dealing with significant health issues at work."

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