Respiratory Function Testing

Respiratory function testing
Respiratory sensitisers are substances which have the potential to cause sensitisation (allergy) such as rhinitis and occupational asthma.

Higher-level health surveillance is required for any of your workers who are exposed to substances and processes where occupational asthma is a known problem

  • Baseline health assessment will involve completion of a questionnaire to assess health history and the presence of any respiratory symptoms and assessment of lung function (spirometry). Individuals will also be reminded of the importance of following good practices and of reporting any new respiratory symptoms which may indicate sensitisation.
  • Health assessment should be carried out before any exposure or potential exposure occurs; Further assessment will usually be carried out annually. This may consist of repeat lung function testing, or questionnaire only depending on the level of risk identified by your risk assessment.

Lower-level health surveillance is required where there is only occasional or potential exposure to a respiratory sensitiser, and control is adequate

  • This involves distribution and assessment of an annual questionnaire, which is provided by A.B. Health Ltd. You are then provided with a fitness certificate which forms part of your health record as required under COSHH.
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