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Skin Assessment
Health Surveillance is required under the COSHH regulations 2002 though it is never an alternative to proper control of exposure. A.B. Health Ltd can assist you with your skin surveillance / management programme.

Occupational skin disease is important and a common health problem. Repeated skin irritation or skin sensitisation can lead to dermatitis. If detected early enough and worker’s exposure to the trigger substances are reduced, dermatitis may be cured or less severe. Left untreated it may become irreversible and even a small exposure may trigger a bad reaction.

Substances causing skin disease: Solvents on the skin can also make other chemicals more likely to cause skin damage – At Risk Occupations:
Epoxy resins
Rubber chemicals
Soaps and cleaners
Metalworking fluids
Wet work
Construction Work
Health Service Work
Rubber Making
Paint Spraying
Agriculture / Horticulture
Cleaning / Catering
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"Amanda is a caring, trusted and valued member of the team and we look forward to continuing to work with her for the foreseeable future. I would not hesitate in recommending Amanda for future work as a Specialist Community Health Nurse Practitioner - Occupational Health."

(Head of Occupational Safety and Health, Local Government Organisation)
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