Occupational Health Physician North East

Occupational Health Physician
The consultants that work with A.B. Health Ltd are Accredited Specialist Occupational Physicians. All of which have over 10 years of occupational health experience and are qualified members of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

Our consultants are experienced in many economic sectors including the public sector (NHS, civil service, local government, fire and rescue and police services), motor manufacturing, transport, retail, sales, engineering and defence amongst others.

They are used to dealing with senior management facilitating forward movement in relation to both complex and routine cases and as a result have gained an understanding of the business needs of organisations alongside the promotion and maintenance of employee’s health and well-being.

We can offer support with Pension cases as our consultants have immense experience of the field and have worked with insurance companies regarding disability assessment and multidisciplinary rehabilitation back to work for complex long term disability cases.

Occupational Health Physician services we can provide are:-

  • Advice regarding ill health either related or unrelated to work
  • Complex sickness absence cases
  • Review of Health surveillance ill health cases
  • Litigation, both civil (alleged negligence, work-related damage or failure to comply with disability discrimination requirements)
  • Ill-health retirement assessments, where a defined benefits pension scheme for employees is in place (or other employee benefits for long term ill health are available) and funding needs to be appropriately managed.
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